Dad and the kids were sitting at the dining room table. If you were reading this then, you would have heard their tummies grumbling. No, they were not complaining. Dad is a good man and the kids are well-mannered at the table. They are almost angelic you would hardly think they were kids. Not to worry, they were still bubbling so – whew! – they’re still normal kids. No, the thing is, Dad and the kids were just plain hungry.

It’s been a rough day and there’s still homework to be done. But where is she, for crying out loud. It came to them later. Honey was standing at the kitchen sink, staring out the window. That’s her name because he calls her that. No one knows her real name. So, she was standing at the sink gazing out the kitchen window. It was pitch black dark outside, so whatever could she have been staring at? Nowhere near the backyard.

She was in a faraway place. Honey was dreaming about the kitchen remodel odem tx project ideas she saw down at the warehouse a while back before taking her turn to play soccer mom. Both the kids are playing soccer now. Football is so old-school and who plays netball anyhow. Not here surely. Anyhow, they’re decent folks and no one needs to tell you, the reader, just how hard it can be raising a good family in this day and age.

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Much later that night after the kids shut their doors – were they doing their homework, we hope so, probably were, good kids – Dad and Honey got together at the dining room table and got down to the brass tacks. After going over the monthly bills for the next few months, they soon discovered that they could do this project. The dream kitchen is coming true.