Your home is a mix of different furniture, décor, colors, and accents that come together to create something that feels inviting and looks beautiful. When it comes to the look of the home, the flooring can make a large difference. There are several materials, patterns, textures, and colors that homeowners can choose from to dramatically or subtly change the appearance of their home.

Flooring services portland or residents can depend on provide several options when it comes to installing floors in the home and can make sure it looks gorgeous, no matter what material and finish you choose. Let’s discuss some of the rooms you may consider adding flooring to and the best types of flooring for them.


Flooring services portland or

In the kitchen, you should look for materials that are durable and easy to keep clean. Some of the best choices include wood, ceramic, tile, and linoleum. If you have children in the home, you may consider adding textured flooring to prevent accidents and slips that can occur if the floors become wet.


Bathrooms tend to be moist due to the activities that take place – showering, washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. In these areas, you may consider using the same type of flooring as you would in kitchens, save wooden flooring. Ceramic is one of the best options for bathroom flooring, but it is not as cost-effective as limestone or linoleum.

Living Rooms

The flooring used in the living room of homes will vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the size of the living room, the residents of the household, how much traffic the room receives, and more. Wood, carpet, and tile are all popular options for homeowners.

If you’re unsure about the material you want on your floors, speak with an expert in flooring near you to get valuable insight and information.