Painting your home can seem like a fun project – that is, until you get to know all there is to painting the exterior of a home. It’s not as simple as putting some paint on a brush and getting to work – there are many different techniques and factors to consider when painting your home. Instead of putting the work in yourself, you may consider paint contractors galt ca residents can depend on. These experts have provided some tips on how to make painting your home faster and much more efficient.

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Choose a Similar Color

You may want to change the look of your home, but you should consider going with a color that is similar to the current exterior or a bit darker. This can decrease the work it takes to achieve the look you desire, and you may be able to get away with applying only one coat of paint. If you don’t know the current color of your home, you can find an area of peeling paint and use it as a reference when visiting a home improvement store.

Wash Before Painting

Before you lay down a layer of paint, it’s important to clean the walls of the home and make sure they are clear of dust and debris that has accumulated over the years. Instead of washing the entire exterior of the home by hand, you can use a pressure washer to take away some of the difficulty and make the process easier. You can even go over the home twice to make sure it’s nice and clean.

Using these two simple tips, you can make painting the exterior of your home easy and quick. By choosing a similar color and pressure washing the outside of the home, you can shorten several hours of work.