Your lawn is the first thing that passerby and guests in your home see when they arrive. It sets the tone for your home and can either add or detract from its beauty. If you want your lawn to remain impressive, there are some tips for landscaping colorado springs residents can use to improve the look of their lawn and make it look neat, professional, and glorious.

Keep the Lawn Aerated

Your lawn is often one of the areas that get a lot of use, which means that there is a lot of traffic packing down dirt and causing problems that you may not be aware of. When soil is compacted, air circulation and draining is affected and can result in grass that isn’t as green. To aerate the lawn, punch holes in it periodically to loosen the soil and improve drainage.

Deep Water the Lawn

You may believe that your sprinkler is benefitting your lawn, but you could be watering your lawn less efficiently by sprinkling water on it several times a week. Instead, water the lawn deeply once a week and give it about an inch of water depending on your local climate and soil type. To measure how much water you give the lawn, use shallow containers placed throughout the lawn while watering.

Grass-Cycle Clippings

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This process involves reusing lawn clippings by leaving them on the lawn after mowing. They decompose very quickly and give the soil valuable nutrients. These clippings can also be used as mulch for your grass, which allows it to retain water. There are several other benefits of reusing clippings, such as using less fertilizer and reducing waste.

With these professional lawn tips, you can keep your lawn looking beautiful and green even in the hottest of summers.